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Steven Nadler, PhD

Senior Vice President of Discovery and Translational Research

Steven Nadler, PhD, brings more than 25 years of experience in drug discovery, development and translational research to Aro Biotherapeutics. As the former Executive Director and Head of Immunoscience, Immuno-oncology and Oncology Discovery Translational Research at Bristol-Myers Squibb, he was solely responsible for establishing the company’s Immunoscience and Immuno-oncology Discovery Translational Research group. During his tenure at Bristol-Myers Squibb, he took on roles of increasing responsibility in the autoimmune and oncology therapeutic areas, where he was instrumental in the discovery and development of five biologic and small molecules which entered the clinic for autoimmune diseases. He also led early clinical development for three of these biologics designed to modulate T cell co-stimulation. Steve was an integral member of the teams which brought both ORENCIA® and NULOJIX® from discovery to the market. Steve received his PhD from the University of Texas at Houston, followed by postdoctoral studies at Yale Medical School. He has authored more than 80 publications and is co-inventor on over 10 patents. Steve is also an adjunct full professor at Rutgers Medical School. 

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