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Located in Philadelphia, a growing biotechnology center, we are a science-driven, dynamic biotechnology company. At Aro, we apply unique scientific insights to drug discovery in order to create new medicines that have a transformational impact on patients.

What Aro Scientists Are Saying


Steve Nadler, PhD, Vice President of Discovery and Translational Research

"After many years in large pharma, I have found it refreshing and exciting to be working in a company that is dynamic, innovative and working on novel therapeutics to treat patients with serious diseases and clinically unmet needs." 

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Yao Xin, Senior Investigator

"I learn unique techniques and handle challenging projects every day. Nothing is more exciting than to overcome difficulties and keep growing as a scientist. Our focus is to move projects forward together with teams communicating frequently and transparently. I really enjoy working with all of the passionate and motivated team members at Aro and look forward to helping patients soon."

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Zhanna Druzina, Director Protein Engineering

"I can’t say enough about Aro’s great leadership. Their support and guidance fosters an innovative culture with passionate scientists sharing great ideas, and all dedicated to a common goal of developing new treatments for patients. The fast pace environment makes every day exciting and full of new scientific discoveries.

Career Opportunities

Investigator, In Vivo Biology

Aro is building a growing Biology team to identify and characterize novel Centyrin-based therapeutics. In this role, you will become a foundational member of the team.

Investigator, Genetics & Bioinformatics

Aro is building a growing research team to develop novel Centyrin-based therapeutics. In this role, you will become a foundational member of the team.

Vice President, Nucleic Acid Chemistry

We are seeking an oligonucleotide chemist with significant experience and expertise who can integrate into a fast-paced life sciences company that is advancing oligonucleotide Centyrin conjugates for serious diseases with unmet need.

Director of Immunology

We are seeking a candidate who will be involved in the identification and characterization of novel Centyrin-based therapeutics that specifically modulate the function of cells of the immune system with a focus on B cells in autoimmune disease.

Associate Scientist, Protein Engineering

Reporting to the Head of Protein Engineering, we are seeking an Associate Scientist that will be part of a team applying protein engineering for optimization and characterization of therapeutic protein candidates.

Associate Scientist, Bioconjugation

We are seeking an Associate scientist who can integrate into a fast-paced life sciences company that seeks to develop siRNA and toxin conjugates for serious diseases. The successful candidate will possess a strong background in bioconjugation approaches and have experience in protein purification and expression

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