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Centyrin Platform

Centyrin Platform

Aro is combining advances in protein engineering, nucleic acid chemistry and disease gene biology to discover next-generation medicines for serious diseases

Centyrins are small, engineered proteins derived from a human protein, Tenascin C, found in the extracellular matrix of various tissues. The Centyrin framework was selected to confer exceptional stability and biophysical properties, an important consideration in the context of effective delivery of therapeutics within the intracellular environment. By varying amino acids within select regions of the Centyrin framework, we have created libraries containing trillions of Centyrin variants and can rapidly identify Centyrin clones that bind with high specificity and affinity against antigens of interest. We have also mapped the Centyrin framework to identify specific amino acid residues where we can chemically conjugate drug payloads, without affecting the underlying stability, solubility or antigen binding properties of the Centyrin. To achieve cell specific drug delivery, we select Centyrins that are specific for cell surface receptors in mono, bi or multi specifics formats as needed to optimize binding and internalization of conjugated drug payloads such as oligonucleotides. Aro has exclusive rights to the extensive Centyrin IP portfolio.

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Antigen Binding Sites

Drug Conjugate Site

Common framework based upon human protein

Drug Conjugate Site

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Centyrins possess multiple advantages for receptor targeting and intracellular delivery of genetic medicines


The Centyrin Advantage: Created to Simplify Complexities Associated with Antibodies
Robust Discovery Platform
  • Rapid, flexible in vitro screens of large Centyrin libraries

  • Collections of lead candidates optimized for targeted intracellular delivery of macromolecules

  • Mono, bi or multi specific Centyrin formats

Designed for Enhanced Efficacy & Improved Safety
  • Small size (1/15th of mAbs) enables:

    • Better tissue penetration

    • Lower protein load

    • Sub-cutaneous dosing

    • More efficient cargo delivery

  • Exceptional stability properties for more effective delivery into the intracellular compartments

  • Low immunogenicity potential based on preclinical studies

  • Ability to customize exposure profile via albumin-binding Centyrins

Simple Structure for Streamlined Production at Reduced Cost
  • Site-specific drug conjugation with simple chemistry

  • Homogeneous well-defined drug product

  • High yield Centyrin manufacturing in E. Coli

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