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2019 AACR Poster Presentation

ABX9xx: A multi-specific Centyrin that synergizes to attenuate intracellular signaling in cMET/EGFR positive tumor cells

Authors: Russ Addis, Robert Kolakowski, Swapnil Kulkarni, Josh Gorsky, Rebecca Meyer, Yao Xin, Steve Nadler, Karyn O’Neil

2016 Protein Engineering, Design & Selection

Engineering a targeted delivery platform using Centyrins

Authors: Shalom D. Goldberg, Rosa M.F. Cardoso, Tricia Lin, Tracy Spinka-Doms, Donna Klein, Steven A. Jacobs, Vadim Dudkin, Gary Gilliland and Karyn T. O’Neil

2014 Protein Engineering, Design & Selection

Selection of high-affinity Centyrin FN3 domains from a simple library diversified at a combination of strand and loop positions

Authors: Michael D. Diem, Linus Hyun, Fang Yi, Randi Hippensteel, Elise Kuhar, Cassandra Lowenstein, Edward J. Swift, Karyn T. O’Neil and Steven A. Jacobs

2012 Protein Engineering, Design & Selection

Design of novel FN3 domains with high stability by a consensus sequence approach

Authors: Steven A.Jacobs, Michael D. Diem, Jinquan Luo, Alexey Teplyakov, Galina Obmolova, Thomas Malia, Gary L. Gilliland and Karyn T. O’Neil