Our Pipeline

Fulfilling the Promise of Centyrin-based Therapies

Aro Biotherapeutics is harnessing its Centyrin platform to develop therapies that change the course of treatment for the most devastating diseases. We are building a product pipeline that will focus on novel medicines that will enable targeted delivery of oligonucleotides - and potentially other drug payloads - to a number of different cell types. Our initial wholly owned internal Aro pipeline is focused on orphan genetic and immune mediated diseases. In addition, our partnered pipeline is addressing rare muscle disease and other intractable diseases.


Our strategy also includes building a partnered pipeline of new therapies by forming collaborations with industry leaders. Via external partnerships, we can combine Centyrins with a variety of different drug classes to enable effective targeting and delivery of diverse therapeutics.

ARO Bio Pipeline Graphic 2021JUL28 V07.png

*ASO: Antisense Oligonucelotide