Charting a New Course in Disease Treatment

Aro Biotherapeutics is focused on the development of a new protein drug platform called Centyrins, designed to achieve better efficacy and safety profiles for patients with cancer and other serious diseases. Centyrins are small, non-antibody protein scaffolds that can be expressed as multi-specifics with novel therapeutic mechanisms of action. Centyrins are also ideal for the targeted delivery of complex drug payloads, including nucleic acids.


Building a Pipeline of Customized Medicines

Aro is harnessing its scientific leadership and protein engineering expertise to develop revolutionary biologic medicines called Centyrins. Our lead therapeutic program, currently in late-stage optimization discovery, is a bi-specific Centyrin for non-small cell lung cancer and potentially other cancers including squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck and gastrointestinal cancer. (Learn more)


Our second therapeutic program is focused on creating a Centyrin-siRNA conjugate for cancer (undisclosed targets). This first-of-its-kind combination approach addresses unmet medical needs by allowing the targeting of drug payloads in high concentration to the site of disease, including extra-hepatic delivery, while lowering toxicity to non-target organs.


We believe that through precise targeting of extracellular and intracellular drug targets, our programs offer the potential to deliver bold new medicines that treat diseases in ways never before possible. 


Poised for Future Growth

Aro is uniquely positioned to create new value in protein therapeutics and advance new medicines to waiting patients:

  • Leadership team with a successful track record that spans the entire continuum of protein therapeutics, from discovery to global commercialization.

  • Exclusive worldwide license for research, development, manufacture and commercialization of Centyrin protein therapeutics.

  • Late discovery stage therapeutic candidate for NSCLC enters preclinical development in 2018.

  • Robust and expanding portfolio of target-specific Centyrins driving future pipeline growth.

  • Large (10e13) collection of diverse Centyrin libraries for rapid screening vs new targets.

  • Versatile business model combining internal R&D and licensing partnerships for specific Centyrins and development platform.

Two Foundational Pillars for Value Creation

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